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- You are here, and I am here; but where is Beethoven?
(Arthur Shnabel)
- There is no harp, take a tambourine!!!
(The movie Only the old go to fight)

Many years have passed since my last CD release. Im in Russia again. During the time I was gone, I visited a lot of countries where Russian immigrants live, and when I came back to the motherland, I had a desire to create something new.
  All my triumphs in different music contests, such as"The Voice of Asia", "Urmala", "The Midshipmen of the Stage", "The Smash-Hit Of The Year" and many others, had remained in the country, whose name was the Soviet Union, in the hearts and memory of the people who remembered me. And though things have changed, people still love Odessa Jewish, bouncy, merry songs.
  At this site, you have an opportunity to download mp3s and listen to the last songs of my creative career.
                   Yours faithfully, Albert Sigalov.


Hava Nagila Cousin
Seven Fourty Tum-Balalaika
Grandma is OK Chiribim-Chiribom
Cracknels The dancing-school of Solomon Flyar
You are the only one Yiddiche Mame
Sunny Tea-time
Shalom Aleihem Halleluya
Uncle Ali

Two Diannas or Jewish Buzz
Two Diannas or Jewish Buzz
Two Diannas A night-bird
Sweethearts Rakhol
Zingen (Yiddish) Natashka
Nemrod (Ladino) The Outcome
Nale (Hebrew) Me and You
A Prayer (Hebrew) Gold Jerusalem (Hebrew)
Asia The Snow Queen
Neshume (Yiddish) A Watered Dress
Buy a Cigarette

Odessa Restaurant

The CD is unavailable for downloading.
This CD was released not long ago and as a limited edition.
The interested public can contact us by the POC.

Odessa Restaurant
Shalom Aleihem Uncle Ali
Seven Fourty Yiddiche Mame
Albertik Resturant
Grandma is OK Cracknels
Cousin Twice Jew
Tum-Balalaika Odessa Monya
The dancing-school of Solomon Flyar Halleluya
Aunt Haya

* MOODBUILDING - Creation of mood (that we actually also do make)
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