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Musical theatre Albert Sigalov


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The history of our theatre is the life story of one man, Albert Sigalov. He was born in Rostov-on-Don. He worked in the Rostov Youth Academic Theatre as a vocalist, and then as a soloist in the theatre-cabaret "Don souvenir", and then the idea of creating his own music theatre occurred to him. In 1990, he took part in the selective round of the international contest "Urmala".
  Urmala 1993
                                                                               Video mix. Albert Sigalov.

Then things started happening. In the 1992 international contest "The Voice Of Asia"- he was a prizewinner. In the same year in Sochi, in the contest "The midshipmen of the stage," he was the winner again. In the 1993 "Urmala," he was the prizewinner and, you won’t believe, he won People's Choice Award. In 1992-1993 he took part in Russian popular TV-shows: "50х50," "Chart Ostankino," "MuzOboz," and "The Hit Of The Year." 
  And then chronologically: 
-1994 - He was a party to the opening Mioc synagogue.
-1995 - The release of a CD "Cutie Benya."
-1998 - The release of a CD "Two Diannas or Jewish Buzz."
-2003 - The release of a CD "Odessa Restaurant."
  From 1993 till 1998, he did a big concert tour in Russia, taking a part in Jewish Music Festival in Birobidzhan, Siberia, Kazan...
  In 1998, he did a concert tour in America from San Francisco to New York, with performances in all big cities of immigration.
   After coming back he decided to create a music theatre, and he carried out this idea with success. Today the theatre keeps delighting people with its shows.  

* MOODBUILDING - Creation of mood (that we actually also do make)
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